Use brain science to make training stick.

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Why from the BACK of the room?

Tell me and I forget; Teach me and I remember; Involve me and I learn!” — Xun-zi (荀子)

Make learning stick by using brain-based concepts and strategies to design and deliver training content. This train-the-trainer course in accelerating adult learning will take your training skills to a new level using the concepts presented in Sharon Bowman’s best-selling books “Training from the BACK of the Room” and “Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick”. You will learn how the brain takes in, stores and retrieves information and how to use these principles to design interactive learning experiences that work regardless of the topic or level of your learners.

Six Trumps

Discover learning principles based on cognitive neuroscience that help learners to integrate and retain new information and skills.


Design and deliver effective training by mapping content to connections, concepts, concrete practice, and conclusions.

Brain Science Training Tools

Create your own trainer’s tool bag of fun activities and techniques that help learning stick by engaging learner’s minds, bodies and emotions.

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Cornwall, Ontario June 2 — 3 Training from the BACK of the Room!

About Us

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” — W.B. Yeats

We offer both public and on-site Certified Training from the BACK of the Room courses. Our trainers have been using brain science teaching methods for many years while delivering Organization Effectiveness, Agile, and Scrum training.

I’m Ellen Grove, an Agile Coach and trainer who works with teams in organizations of all shapes and sizes to help them work more effectively through agile thinking and practices. My work is shaped by over 15 years experience working in software development, a passion for user-centered design, and a background in community organization. I’ve trained and coached teams in startups, large enterprises, and public sector organizations, and I present frequently at Agile conferences in Canada and abroad.

I’m a Certified Scrum Master, an Open Space facilitator, a StrategicPlay® certified facilitator in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods, and a Training from the BACK of the Room certified trainer.

I'm Glenn Waters, a coach and trainer. I work with organizations, large and small, helping them to work with agility. My work with team members, management, and executives helps them to become more effective.

Training from the BACK of the Room principles and practices factor into much of my work, whether it be when coaching, training, or facilitating.

I am a Certified ScrumMaster, Certified Scrum Professional, a regular contributor to coaching and Agile conferences around the world, and I am a Training from the BACK of the Room certified trainer.

Sharon Bowman's Best-selling Books

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